Wayne State University

Copier Order Procedures

Wayne State University's Procurement & Strategic Sourcing works with individual departments within the University to obtain copy equipment by purchase or by lease.  Based on the needs of the requesting unit, the Purchasing Department solicits proposals from the various copy equipment vendors, and works with the customer to determine the final selection for purchase/lease.

The Request/Order Procedure is as follows:

  1. Department downloads and prepares the Copier Needs Analysis Form – located on the Purchasing website at: Copier Needs Analysis Form.  and submits this Form by email to Robert Kuhn, Senior Buyer at ac6243@wayne.edu

    Note:  This Needs Analysis Form is required to determine the volume of copy activity and the special features required by the requesting department.  This information is given to each copy equipment supplier with a request to quote appropriate equipment, i.e., size and class of copier.  If current or anticipated volume of copy activity is unknown, a ‘best estimate’ may be calculated by calculating the current monthly paper consumption.  This count does not take into consideration the paper consumed by computer print operations and is therefore only a best estimate. 

  2. Upon receipt of the Copier Needs Analysis Form, Purchasing assigns a Bid Tracking Number and Customer File.  This Number is referenced in all correspondence with vendors and the customer.

  3. Purchasing will solicit proposals from its primary copier vendors.  Vendors will respond by providing the Purchasing Department a completed Price Summary Document and product literature on the make/model they recommend and propose.

  4. Purchasing evaluates all information submitted and prepares a Cost Comparison Analysis with Recommendation for customer review and consideration.

  5. Requesting Departments are encouraged to request product for demonstration in their office/lab.  The goal of the bid process is to obtain the most appropriate and cost effective solution for the customer’s copy requirements.

  6. Department determines the copy equipment for purchase/lease and submits an on-line Banner Requisition.  A copy of the Purchasing Cost Comparison and Recommendation should be faxed to Purchasing with the Banner Requisition Number printed on the document.  If equipment is selected that is not the low bid, a statement on the selection process is required before an order will be placed.

    Note:  All University procurement activity is subject to The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and as such, vendors may review the selection process.  All bids are open to audit, therefore, the evaluation process is strictly adhered 

  7. Purchasing reviews the on-line Banner Requisition, and if acceptable, processes a Purchase Order (P Class) for the acquisition of the copy equipment, and a separate Purchase Order (M Class) for the maintenance of the copy equipment for the first year of coverage.If the equipment is a lease, the installment purchase agreement must be reviewed and approved by the Office of General Counsel.  Upon final approval, the Director of Purchasing will sign the agreement and the purchase order for Year One of the agreement will be issued.

The Purchasing Department is the primary information resource for copy equipment products.  Please contact the Copy Equipment Buyer, Robert Kuhn at 7-3712 or by email to ac6243@wayne.edu should you have questions or concerns.