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*ProCard Transaction Management System*

Jeneen Conley-Berry, Procurement Card Coordinator
(313) 577-3708

The University Procurement Card is a Visa credit card tied directly to a University index number, to be used for business purposes only. It is targeted at low dollar purchases, as an alternative to the normal requisitioning process. The card can be used for business purchases of goods and services, excluding travel & entertainment, and any commodity requiring special approval or contract documents. The University limits are $2,000 / transaction, with a $20,000 / month spending limit.

Use of the procurement card may simplify the purchase of many low dollar transactions. Procurement cards may be issued to any full time employee who resides in the United States or Canada, and who obtains appropriate approval from a dean or department chair for academic units, or assistant vice president or vice president for non-academic units. Cards cannot be issued to guests, students, or independent contractors, nor other non-university employees.

Program Details and Applications for the card may be downloaded from the website or obtained from the Procurement Card Coordinator. To obtain the forms in PDF format, click below:

Procurement Card Informational Links

APPM 2.7 Procurement Card (2-01-2016)

APPM 2.7.1 Specific Unauthorized Purchases(2-01-2016)

Acceptable Usage (2-2010)

Accountings Monthly Closing Schedule (8-2017)

Procurement Card Forms

Cardholder Account Application (PDF Form) (3-2018)

Cardholder Agreement (PDF Form) (11-2014)

Gift Card Purchase Certification (03-2016)

Dispute Form (10-2015)

BofAML FAQs - Date of Birth Recension
Chip & PIN, Self-Select PIN

Procard Online Training 

In order to obtain a Procard, the applicant must attend a mandatory classroom training, and / or take the online Procard Applicant Course and complete the online Procard Applicant Test.  Participation in the class can be accomplished by registering for the course in Academica, under Employee Resources / Other Resources / Training, Seminars, Workshops.  Once in the Training page, search for "Procard" to find the next available class.

To take the online training course & exam in Accelerate, go to Academica under Employee Resources / Other Resources / Accelerate.  To have the classroom training course requirement waived, and applicant must score no less than 85% on this test.  Upon completion of the test, the Procard Coordinator will be notified that the test has been completed and will contact the applicant to see if a Procard Application is en route.

Step-by-Step Log In Instructions can be downloaded for those less familiar with Academica.