Digital Signature PDF Documents

Procurement & Disbursements have numerous documents that are PDF signable.  These include

Procurement   Disbursements
  1. Gift Card Certificate
  2. New Vendor Request Form
  3. Personal Services Contract
  4. Personal Services Contract Checklist  
  5. Procard Account Application
  1. ACH Payment Agreement 
  2. Internal Requisition and Internal-Account Bill / IRB 
  3. Honoraria/Award Data Form
  4. Petty Cash Replenishment Reimbursement Authorization 
  5. Special Payment Authorization / SPA

A few tips are in order to make sure you are successful using these documents

  1. Always save the PDF document to your LAN or Hard Drive, and then open the document to complete it.  This will save you the heartache of lost work, in the event of a disruption to your internet service
  2. If your saved document opens in a Microsoft Browser, check to see if your default PDF reader is Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge.  If so, change it to Adobe.  You may have to download the free Adobe PDF reader, if Adobe has not been installed on your computer
  3. When completing complicated forms, save often
  4. For documents that allow for digital signature, forward to the next approver in a writable format.  Adobe will "lock" each signature.  Should you print the document to PDF or print and scan, it can no longer be digitally signed by the next person
  5. Adobe signable documents will often not allow for additional documents to be attached.  You have 2 options
  • Either include additional documents as a separate attachments when forwarding on to either the next person to sign, or to the service providing department, like Procurement or Disbursements, or
  • Once all digital signatures have been provided, print the document to Microsoft PDF (not Adobe PDF).  This will "flatten" the file to a non-updatable document, but because it becomes a normal PDF document, you will be able to then attach additional documents.  Note, you'll have to save the file when printing to Microsoft PDF, and will then need to navigate to it on your desktop to open it in PDF.
  1. When sending IRB documents to Servicing Departments, be sure to include the IRB number in the subject, so that it's easily identifiable.  Some service areas may even filter these documents for special or expedited processing

This list is simply our best set of information.  The Internet has numerous sites that offer more in depth analysis of how to work with PDF documents.  If you learn of a trick to add, or have a question on how to that we may be able to answer, send an email to


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