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Below is a series of links designed to make your web browsing and sourcing experience more convenient.  If you have ideas about how to make this page more useful for your sourcing needs, please contact one of our buyers and they will determine whether we can incorporate your suggestion.

If you are a small business based in Detroit, click below to learn about the university's PTAC resources that help organizations like yours pursue and secure state and federal government contracts.  PTAC is the Procurement Technical Assistance Center and offers one on one counseling, training sessions and a bidmatch service.

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Purchasing Services - Kenneth Doherty, Associate Vice President


Buying Team


Robert Kuhn, C.P.M.
Valerie Kreher
Loretta McClary

Kimberly Tomaszewski
Robin Watkins

Technology and Support - Aleviyah Coles, eProcurement Manager

Procurement Card  

Expediting Team
Debra Garafalo
Cynthia Branch

Procurement Coordinator
Pat Wegner

Procurement Card Team
Jeneen Conley-Berry











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