Announcing the Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP)


Announcing the
Equipment Maintenance Management Program   (EMMP)


Why the Change?

Wayne State University (WSU) is partnering with The Remi Group, LLC (Remi) to lower equipment maintenance costs, increase efficiencies, and improve services.

What’s changed?

WSU has established an agreement with Remi to manage equipment maintenance under a consolidated agreement.  This agreement allows for each department to reduce maintenance expenses, utilize the same/similar service providers, and provide consolidated reporting on vendor usage, service delivery, and maintenance expenses.

While this is a voluntary program, WSU management is seeking full participation and cooperation in this initiative.  Over the coming months, Remi will be working with Procurement to contact each department to review departmental information regarding maintenance agreements for medical, scientific and small office equipment.  The plan is to reduce current equipment maintenance costs and to possibly cover equipment that isn’t covered due to rising maintenance expenses.

Benefits to You

Remi will analyze your current equipment maintenance portfolio, maintenance agreements, historical maintenance expenditures, and operational practices to develop a customized program to meet your unique needs.  The goal of each program is to deliver the specialized management tools, expertise, and support necessary for you to achieve enhanced equipment performance coupled with significant cost savings.

Projected Savings

The University has negotiated a 27% savings of OEM maintenance contracts.

Program Implementation

In order to establish best practices for collecting, analyzing, and transitioning full service contract expenditures to the consolidated Remi Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP), you will be contacted by both a representative from Procurement, Kimberly Tomaszewski and from Remi, Brian McMahon Program Manager to provide the following:

  • Department or Lab to supply Procurement and Remi with digital copies of current maintenance agreements
  • Department or Lab to supply Remi with additional information on equipment not currently covered, if coverage is desired
  • Remi to review the eligibility and present formal transition plan to each department
  • Remi to report project progress, aggregate and facility level savings, and participation levels to WSU Procurement regularly

For additional information, visit the Remi page on our website at

University Contacts

If you have questions or require Procurement assistance, please contact

Vendor Contacts

Brian McMahon, Business Development Representative
Direct: 704-602-0849  |  Fax: 704.942-7849    
The Remi Group
North Community House Road Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28277


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