Announcing the Managed Print Services Contract


Announcing the Managed Print Services Contract

Printing is about to get easier for the University Community

     Xerox Corporation

Why the Change?

We are pleased to announce that the University has entered into a strategic contract agreement with the Xerox Corporation, for copier equipment and related services.  Xerox will be the sole provider of new copier and multi-function devices (MFDs) for the entire University.  In addition, the majority of campus will be able to migrate from owning or leasing equipment to a process where we pay a flat price for black & white and for color copies, under a Managed Print Services (MPS) program.

What’s changed?

The University spends around $900,000 per year in combined copier purchases, lease agreements, and copier maintenance contracts.   Traditionally, we competitively bid each new copier, and have issued annual purchase orders for maintenance, and in some cases, equipment lease renewals.  The bid and renewal process has been confusing and time consuming.   In addition, the process has resulted in non-standard acquisitions of every major brand of copier on the market.

To address this, Procurement engaged in an RFP and negotiation effort to get the best possible combination of service, price, and availability for the University community.  An evaluation committee was formed, and included the following units:  the College of Nursing, Graduate School, Law School, Business School, College of Education, and the One Card Office.  After an in-depth evaluation, the group unanimously selected Xerox as having the best program for the University.

Benefits to You

The University will realize the following benefits of our Strategic Partnership with Xerox:

  • Hardware may be purchased at pre-negotiated discounts, eliminating the need to competitively bid each acquisition.  Discounts are approximately 40% off list
  • For departments who choose to take advantage of the MPS program, Xerox will provide a customized copy and print solution specifically for Wayne State and our unique requirements
  • This program provides an all-inclusive price per Impression cost of $0.0169 for black & white copies and $.0578 for color copies, which covers all costs except paper and staples
  • Separate capital purchases, leases, and maintenance contracts will no longer be required
  • Soft dollar savings will also be realized through departmental administrative efficiencies
  • Xerox will work with each school, department or division to determine its best equipment configuration and scope of services
  • The University’s energy consumption will also be reduced
  • Early adopters will quickly be able to benefit from the operational and financial savings of the program

Projected Savings

Annual savings through lower costs to the University community is projected to be 20% per year.

Program Implementation

Procurement and Xerox will be taking the following measures to implement the new program across the campus:

  • Town Halls will be scheduled in January on both the main and medical campuses, to further explain the process and departmental options 
  • Early adopter options will be discussed for departments who are at or near the end of the useful life of their copier and printing equipment
  • Departments who have existing copier equipment near the beginning or middle of its useful life can continue to use their equipment until needs to be replaced

Transition Process

Beginning in December, Xerox will be conducting a campus wide inventory of all printing and copying devices.  This process is projected to be completed by the end of January.  From this assessment Procurement and Strategic Sourcing and Xerox will work with the departments to develop their specific solution and the correlating transition schedule.

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