Campus Relocations

Announcing Changes to the
Campus Relocation Process (rev. 4-2020)


What's changed?

In an effort to streamline processes, Departments are now empowered to place orders directly with either Palmer Moving Services or Premier Relocation for small campus relocations that are not part of a construction or renovation project.  The University has a Strategic Supplier Relationship with both companies as a result of a competitive bid effort. 

Moves that are part of a construction or renovation project are still to be coordinated with the appropriate project manager in Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M).


  • By utilizing the services of our partners, you can be assured the moving company knows our campus and what is needed to help your disposal/relocation go as smooth as possible
  • Both agents have a broad and diverse network of relocation specialists that understand the needs of relocating offices and labs
  • Both agents offer special discounts and will extend them to the campus community when relocating offices and labs or providing disposal services
  • Both agents will provide pre-move information, cost estimates and scheduling assistance at no cost or obligation
  • Both agents will quote full cost replacement insurance if the items are being relocated on campus

Ordering Process

To begin the process, Departments may want to review the Campus Moves tile on WayneBuy and review the information in the links provided. This information and any necessary forms are required for your relocation request to be processed.

If you are moving or disposing of property items please review the information at:  

If you are moving a Lab or eWaste please review the information at:

Moves that are part of a construction or renovation project are still to be coordinated with the appropriate project manager in Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M).

Once a quote has been obtained, the department should create a requisition in WayneBuy and submit for approval and processing in the normal manner.  A special Campus Relocation form is available under the WayneBuy Forms section, which will facilitate the preparation of your req.  The form includes elementary items like the pick-up and destination locations, and value of the goods for insurance purposes.  In the instruction section of the form, please note the following:

  1. The form is for Campus Relocations only. A separate form is available in WayneBuy for New Hire relocation services.
  2. When moves are associated with a construction or renovation project, the request must come from Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M).
  3. A copy of the Quote from Corrigan must be attached to the form as an external attachment.
  4. Be sure to upload the required Property Management Form(s), signed by the Director of Cost Accounting, or your order will not be processed.
  5. If you are moving a Lab or eWaste, contact Wally Pociask by email at or by phone at 313-993-7655. Additional information may be found at the Office of Environmental Health & Safety . They will assist with things like Hazardous Materials, Chemicals & Biologicals, etc., and the disposal of electronics like computers, research equipment, or other business equipment.
  6. If you are moving Research Equipment , check with the equipment supplier for any special requirements to protect your warranty.

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing is here to help as well, Valerie Kreher, Senior Buyer will work with the department to obtain a cost estimate and to schedule a move. 

Vendor Contacts

If you have questions or require relocation assistance contact

University Contacts

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact:


Procurement & Strategic Sourcing