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In March 2017, the president approved updates to University Policy 03-1 that indicated in Section 2:

2.5 Licensing: All merchandising activity — including promotional giveaways — must be sourced through a company licensed with Wayne State.

A complete List of Licensed Promotional Suppliers and other information regarding Licensing and Branded Merchandise can be found on the Marketing Communications website.

Since the change in University policy, Procurement has notified departments of the need to change vendors if/when requisitions are received for materials from vendors not licensed through Learfield Licensing Partners, the university's contracted licensing agency.

Why the change?

Working through licensed vendors supports our university and our suppliers' investment in Wayne State. The licensing process ensures consistent use of the university logo or other identifying marks, and helps promote the university in Southeast Michigan. A portion of every sale is directed back to Wayne State. In addition, working with licensed suppliers also ensures that products have been vetted through the Fair Labor Association

What's changed?

To clarify policy, APPM 10.12 has been drafted and approved by the University Policy Committee. The policy will be published online shortly. Since this is a time of frequent ordering for the fall, a draft of the policy is attached so that the university community can plan their orders within policy guidelines. 


Under the new policy, the university's brand is better protected. Departments should see consistent quality and pricing among suppliers, regardless of which licensed vendor is used. Suppliers have a level playing field when competing for our business. As stated above, a portion of sales continues to support the university. Also, the approval process for logo-bearing materials is simplified, since suppliers work under guidelines provided by Learfield and approved by marketing for design, color, etc.

Additional information

See a list of our licensed suppliers. Suppliers are added as we become aware that Learfield has licensed them. 

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