Strategic Service Providers for Photography Services

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing (PASS), along with Key Stakeholders on campus, undertook a Strategic Sourcing RFP effort to select a group of preferred photographers to service the university. As a result of this effort, four photographers have been awarded a contract. Each of them has agreed to the same standard hourly rate for services. This will enable campus users to make a selection based on the photographer's portfolio. The Marketing and Communications Office has made available information on each of the photographers at

Outlined below is the new process for securing a photographer for your next event. Each unit has the opportunity to select from any of the awarded vendors. Below are important steps to guide you through the process.

  1. Visit for a list of the available photographers and tips for scheduling a successful photography assignment.
  2. Contact the photographer directly to ensure availability for your event.
  3. Use the Photography Services form located on the home page in WayneBuy to create a purchase order. This form will help you create a requisition that details all of the necessary information for your event to be a success. Please complete the form in its entirety.
  4. Click Save to submit the form, which will convert it to a requisition. The requisition will route through the approval que established by your business office.
  5. Purchasing will review the requisition and a system generated purchase order will be emailed to the vendor/photographer.
  6. The vendor/photographer will confirm receipt and acceptance of order.

Vendor Contacts

University Contacts

If you have any questions, comments, or require other assistance, please contact


Procurement & Strategic Sourcing