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Ordering Apple Computers  Customer No. 49015
A new WayneBuy Punchout option

Wayne State University's Purchasing Department is partnering with Apple to simplify the ordering process for Apple computers. Purchasing will streamline the requisition and ordering steps by using WayneBuy

Why the Change?

The University is looking for ways to streamline the order process.   A collaboration between Wayne State's Procurement Department and Apple Computer have now made it possible to place orders simply by punching out to Apple's website.  Unlike most punchout options, the Apple Punchout will open a second browser.  However, you still use the new browser to search for the products, parts, or peripherals you need, and add them to your shopping cart.  Orders will be placed more quickly with Apple, and the invoicing process will be streamlined.

What's Changed?

The new punchout option with Apple will allow you to build your requisition through their comprehensive web interface.  All deliveries should be sent to Central Receiving at 1200 Holden, to ensure secure delivery to your office.  The new interface will automatically establish a purchase order and corresponding electronic invoice for an effortless billing and payment process.


  • Easy and convenient punchout ordering
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Deliveryto 1200 Holden for redistribution to your office
  • Paperless ordering, Shopper only role can assign the cart for completion and approval
  • Email notifications for real time order status updates

Ordering Process

Apple is a Strategic Supplier in WayneBuy.  This means, that the order process is as simple as logging into WayneBuy, clicking on the Apple punch-out catalog, filling a shopping cart, and checking out in WayneBuy.  In addition, those persons on campus with shopping cart capability (essentially the entire campus community) can now make paperless requests for Apple equipment, parts, and peripherals for their business office by using the Assign a Cart function.

We encourage you to work with your department's technical support staff when configuring Apple computers. If you are planning a large desktop/notebook/server/storage project (25 units or more), please contact Suzanne Whitlow to inquire about volume discounts.   

Also note that Apple will not accept WSU's Procurement Card transactions on-line or by telephone. The WSU Purchasing Department is WSU's only authorized buyer for Apple computers. 

Items to consider before you go shopping:

  1. Do NOT order Norton Anti-Virus: WSU's Software Clearinghouse has established a licensing contract with Symantec that provides Norton Anti-Virus software for all WSU-owned Windows and Apple computers.  Although Symantec Endpoint Protection software can be downloaded for free by WSU faculty and staff, we recommend that you consult with your department's technical support staff before downloading or installing NAV.
  2. Microsoft Office options: WSU has two separate agreements for purchasing Microsoft software with WSU funds: Select and Campus. These licensing agreements are arranged by WSU's Software Clearinghouse, and provide selected Microsoft software at significant discounts and quick turnaround. If you want Office pre-installed (whichis about $100 more than under the Microsoft Select Agreement) on your new Apple computer, then you need to select that option when you Custom Configure your Apple. 
    1. Microsoft Campus Agreement: WSU schools, colleges and divisions that are participating in the Microsoft Campus/Select Agreement for Faculty/Staff can obtain Microsoft Office at no cost via their technical support staff. 
    2. Microsoft Select Agreement: WSU faculty and staff can use WSU funds to purchase Microsoft software (including Office) at significant savings. Payment is made via IRB.  Contact the Software Clearinghouse at 313-577-4060 for details.

After your Apple order is placed…

  1. You can check your order status at Apple's site Order Status Enter the Apple Part Number or University PO Number.
  2. If there is a problem with the shipment (items are damaged or missing), contact Apple sales support - order follow-up at 800-800-2775; option 4 or email  Suzanne Whitlow
  3. If you need technical support, check with your department's technical support staff, or contact AppleCare Technical Support at 800-800-2773 or via  You will need your Apple Serial Number when you contact Apple's technical support. 
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? 
Robin Watkins, Procurement 313-577-3739
Suzanne Whitlow (Apple inside account executive) 800-800-2775x 46767
Lin Krankel (Apple field account representative) 734-604-0657
Matt Rush (Apple Account Executive) 312-933-3327
Dave Pugh (Apple systems engineer)  313-909-1317
Apple Sales Support - PreShipment
(changes to orders,cancellations, etc)
Apple Sales Support - order follow-up 800-800-2775
Apple Techinical Support 800-800-2775 Opt 3  
Quotes and Returns
If you need help with getting set up as a proposer, purchaser or to make online returns you can call the following number 800-800-2775 Opt 3, Opt 1  
Your Apple Contact Information


Lin Krankel
Account Executive
[phone] 734-604-0657

As your field account executive (AE), I am responsible for the strategic relationship between Apple and Wayne State University. I work with higher education customers to identify and develop technology solutions using Apple and third-party products. I also facilitate access to individuals and organizations within Apple and at other companies and institutions. My personal area of expertise is the integration of technology with teaching, learning and research.

Suzanne Whitlow
Inside Account Executive
[phone] 512 674-6767 or 800-800-2775 x46767

Suzanne, your inside account executive (IAE), is my backup working out of Austin. Due to my travel schedule, Suzanne is often easier to reach than I am. Suzanne also helps me generate proposals and quotes for Apple and third-party hardware, software, and services. 

Dave Pugh
Systems Engineer
[phone] 248 573-4920

Dave is your systems engineer (SE) and is a pre-sales support resource who can provide advice on Apple and third-party technologies and solutions. Dave frequently consults with higher education customers on directory integration, client deployment and management, identity management, security, storage solutions, media creation and distribution, and multi-operating system labs. Dave can also direct you to the post-sales support resources that you may need.

To check on the status of an order, visit Order Status. You will need either your AppleConnect username and password or your Apple sales order number and shipping zip code. 

For post-sales support, contact AppleCare at 800-800-2775 or use their website at  .

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