Computer Peripheral Supplies - CDW-G Announcement


Announcing the New Computer Peripheral Contract


Why the Change?

The University spends an estimated 2.5 to 3 million per year on computer peripherals and supplies. Up until now, little effort was made to consolidate that spend to leverage our collective buying power. Instead, small dollar purchases have been made on an individual basis, using either the Requisitioning / PO process or using a Procurement Card.

What's changed?

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing (PASS) engaged in a negotiation effort to get the best possible combination of service, delivery and pricing for the University community. We are pleased to announce that the University has entered into a contract agreement with CDW-G which has improved pricing on par with that of the University of Michigan, by utilizing a "piggy back" agreement to U of M's contract.


  • Improved pricing on our most common supplies
  • Showcased Vendor in WayneBuy
  • Simple to use
  • Able to place orders as large as $2,000
  • 2-3 day delivery for the majority of items

Projected Savings

Annual savings through lower costs to the University community is estimated to be approximately $100,000. As a side benefit, the University will gain much greater knowledge of its actual spend. This information will be helpful and can be used in future negotiations with CDW-G or in an RFP effort.

Ordering Process

CDW-G is now a Showcased Supplier in WayneBuy. This means, that the order process is as simple as logging into WayneBuy, clicking on the CDW-G link, filling a shopping card, and checking out in WayneBuy. In addition, those persons on campus with shopping cart capability (essentially the entire campus community) can now make paperless requests for computer supplies to their business office by using the Assign a cart function within WayneBuy.

The unique WayneBuy profile for Procurement Card holders allows those people to place CDW-G orders without requiring Purchasing's secondary approval. Most orders will go directly from the Procard Holder to CDW-G's order entry system in one step. Please remember, all purchases must be consistent with the University Expenditure Policies stated in the APPM:

Section 1.3.1, Expense Guidelines 
Section 2.0, Procurement Process 
Section 2.7, Procurement Card


The Procurement Department is working to ensure that orders are placed through our new CDW-G agreement. We will be making an adjustment to University Procurement Cards (Procards). Procards will continue to have a limit of $2,000 for the majority of the University and for the majority of suppliers. However, to drive the University to purchase using our new agreement and through WayneBuy, computer peripheral supplier purchases will be reduced to a limit of $200.00.

University Contacts

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact Kenneth Doherty at (313) 577-3756.


Procurement & Strategic Sourcing