Super Savings on Dell Computers

C&IT and Purchasing have worked together to develop medium and high-end computer configurations, and regular and thin laptop configurations, in order to bring you terrific pricing options. These options are available in the WayneBuy punchout requisitioning system.  However, before you purchase, first determine if your unit is already part of the DeskTech computer refresh program.  If so, you'll want to work with your technology team to assess your options for a computer refresh.  Details on the program can be found at  

For any units that are not part of the DeskTech program, here's how to order:
To take advantage of WSU negotiated pricing, you must log into WayneBuy and click on the Dell icon. Using the search pop-up menu, type either to display only the Tower PC computers, or "Dell" to display all super saver items, including tower PCs, laptops, monitors, and assorted peripherals. Add to your shopping cart in WayneBuy and then either convert your shopping cart to a Requisition or assign it to the person in your business office authorized to do so.

Under this program, single PC and Laptop orders go directly from the requesting department to Dell. Larger orders with a value of $2,000 or more are first routed to a Procurement buyer for review before they are placed.


For personal privately paid computers, here's how to order:

Wayne State faculty, staff, and students can shop discounted prices on Dell PC models. Please see the Dell custom URL below

Our contact for Privately paid computers is 

Kevin Moore
Business Development Manager, Dell University

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing