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Bridge to Wayne State's Strategic Partnership
with Shred Legal for shredding services

Shred Legal


Procurement and Strategic Sourcing conducted an RFP which resulted in a new partnership with Shred Legal, LLC.  In order to relieve the departments of the burden of individual contracts, this partnership will be governed by a master contract agreement.  This agreement is in place for a 3 year period, through September 30, 2016.  The University may, at it's option, renew for up to 2 additional 1 year periods, through September 30, 2018.


  • Easy, convenient interface for building your document shredding requests without leaving the office.
  • Purchase order issuance and invoicing handled automatically.
  • Easier and more accurate tracking of your spending for shredding services as every transaction will have a purchase order number, invoice number, and ach number (direct deposit to Vendor).
  • Greater ability to forecast your future shredding needs something that can't accurately be assessed through the current blanket order system.
  • Retain past orders for quick turn-around on frequent shredding service needs.
  • A single vendor with which to interface and a single point of contact.

Projected Savings

With the standard pricing from Shred Legal, Procurement estimates that you should realize a savings up to 30% from your current document shredding costs.    These savings have been achieved through a combination of lower costs, the elimination of any minimum service charges, and any fuel surcharges.

Ordering Process

When you have need for document shredding services, please contact Account Manager Jerrod Maloy at (248) 449-6119 or to obtain a quote today.    Requisitions for one time orders or blanket orders for scheduled services can be submitted in WayneBuy.   Please include console, container, bag, or service requirements in the external notes of the Requisition and attach the quote for our reference.

University Contacts

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact: 
Robert Kuhn, Sr. Buyer at (313) 577–3712 or email at: .

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing