Announcing the New Hire Relocation Strategic Partner

Why the Change?

Relocating to a new area can be a challenging and stressful experience. To address new hire relocation concerns, departments and new hires need expert information and proper planning to make the move smooth and satisfying. The Procurement Office has historically helped by acquiring 3 competitive bids through local agents of national van lines, but the process can be time consuming, especially for the new hire.


What's changed?

In the past few months, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing (PASS) engaged in a Request for Proposal effort to streamline the process and to get the best possible combination of service, delivery and pricing to the University community and new hires. We are pleased to announce that the University has entered into a Strategic Supplier Relationship with Corrigan Moving Systems, an agent for United Van Lines.


  • Corrigan has a broad and diverse nationwide network of relocation specialists that understand the needs of relocating families, offices and labs.
  • Corrigan has special discounts with United Van Lines and will extend them to the new hire when relocating their household goods and laboratories.
  • A special rate has been established for WSU faculty and staff to make their move both cost effective and well planned.
  • Corrigan will provide pre-move information, cost estimates and scheduling assistance at no cost or obligation.

Projected Savings

In the past, we saved anywhere from 55% to 62% off list price on the cost of our new hire relocations.  With the new contract, we will be saving 68%. This savings goes directly to the hiring department.

Ordering Process

To begin the process, Departments may want to send out the "Welcome To Wayne" letter designed by Procurement to help facilitate the newhire's relocation options. Undoubtedly, this is a time of excitement as well as uncertainty for our new hires as they plan for their many upcoming changes. In order to make their transition to our area easier, and to take advantage of Corrigan's services, contact Terri Breit at 800-243-9502 or by email at Wayne State University Procurement & Strategic Sourcing is here to help as well, Kimberly Tomaszewski, Senior Buyer will work with the department and the new hire to coordinate with Corrigan Moving Systems to get a binding quote and a schedule to move.

Once Corrigan has provided a quote, the department should create a requisition in WayneBuy using the dedicated WayneBuy New Hire Moving Request form.  The updated APPM Section can be viewed on the Procurement & Strategic Sourcing website


If you have questions or require assistance contacting Corrigan, please contact Kimberly Tomaszewski, Senior Buyer at (313) 577-3757 or

Procurement & Strategic Sourcing