Wayne State University

Strategic Partnership Printers

As a result of a competitive bid effort, the university has selected three commercial print vendors to satisfy our commercial printing needs. Providing the campus with three choices will provide a significant cost savings to the university, improve customer service, and increase efficiency in the print ordering process.  Each Vendor has completed a rate guide to assist with pricing jobs with their company.

The three vendors are:

Inland Press
2001 W. Lafayette
Detroit, MI  48216
Sales rep: Steve Cordon
Office: 313-967-5530
Cell:  586-419-4364

Inland Press Pricing Guide

Graphics East
16005 Sturgeon St.,
Roseville, MI 48066
Sales rep: Janine Carlino
Office: 586-598-1500
Cell: 586-212-1155

Graphics East Pricing Guide

The Mardon Group/Allied Printing
701 Woodward Heights Suite 128 
Ferndale, MI 48220
Sales rep: Karen Wesson
Office: 248-336-3370
Cell: 586-321-1797

The Mardon Group/Allied Pricing Guide


We are pleased to announce Mardon/Allied Printing as a new minority strategic partner. Both Inland Press and Graphics East have a long history of working with the university. Please work with any or all of them to handle your printing needs. If you are unsure about the capabilities/specialties of each vendor, contact them directly, or, contact Robin or Christa whose information is below. 

Please proceed as you normally would to secure printing services from any of the three printing vendors. Discuss your print job with a representative from the company of your choice, then have them submit a quote.  Once you are satisfied with the quote, prepare a WayneBuy Requisition and upload the quote in WayneBuy as support documentation. 

Note:  Unique items (i.e. the South End newspaper) will continue to be sourced through appropriate niche printers.

If you have questions, please contact

Robin Ellis-Watkins in Procurement at 313-577-3739 / ag5343@wayne.edu or
Christa Raju in Marketing at 313-577-8157 / ccraju@wayne.edu