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Procurement and Strategic Sourcing (PASS) engaged in a negotiation effort to get the best possible combination of service, delivery and pricing for Computer Peripheral Supplies for the University. We are pleased to announce that the University has entered into a "piggy back" contract agreement with CDW-G. CDW-G has been a University source for computer supplies, peripherals, and assorted software for many years.

The "piggy back" agreement will be tied directly to the University of Michigan's (U of M) contract, allowing Wayne State to receive the same pricing as the U of M. By entering into this agreement Wayne State will strengthen our business relationship with CDW-G, and will receive improved customer service, better pricing and free freight. A copy of the Campus Announcement can be found here More

CDW-G is now listed as a Showcased Supplier within WayneBuy for punchout shopping. Some of the many benefits of this program are listed below:

  • Simple to use
  • The ability to order computer peripherals and supplies online using the punchout, in WayneBuy
  • Tiered discount structure based on the U of M's yearly spend
  • Free shipping, unless a rush

Annual savings to the University community on computer peripherals and suppliesare estimated to be approximately 4.45% over previous pricing. Since we've not aggregated our total spend in the past, we feel that the University will benefit greatly from this new and improved program.

To place orders with CDW-G, visit the WayneBuy website and click on the CDW-G tab on the home page under Showcased Suppliers. See WayneBuy for a complete listing of procedures and job aids for using this eProcurement system.

Import A Quote (New 4-2022).  On occasion, CDW will provide a written quote for placement of an order.  In those instances, the process is for the Requisitioner to pull the quote into their Shopping Cart in WayneBuy.  Click here for Step by Step Instructions on how to place a CDW order from a quote.

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact Kenneth Doherty at 313-577-3756 or 


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