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Bridge to Wayne State's Strategic Partnership with the Xerox Corporation for copier and managed print services


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Invoicing Information (5-2017)

Invoicing Information related to the Managed Print System can be found at MPS Invoices


Original Announcement

The University has entered into a strategic contract agreement with the Xerox Corporation, for copier equipment and related services.  As of fiscal year 2016, Xerox has become the sole provider of new copier and multi-function devices (MFDs) for the entire University.  MFDs include copy, scan, print, and fax functionality.  The majority of campus will be able to migrate from owning or leasing equipment to a utility model in which users pay a flat price per impression of $0.0169 for black & white copies and $.0578 for color copies, which covers all costs except paper and staples.

Benefits to You

The University will realize the following benefits of our Strategic Partnership with Xerox:

  • Xerox will provide a customized copy and print solution specifically for individual Departments who choose to take advantage of the MPS program.
  • This program provides an all-inclusive price per Impression cost of $0.0169 for black & white copies and $.0598 for color copies, which covers all costs except paper and staples
  • Xerox will work with each school, department or division to determine its best equipment configuration and scope of services
  • Separate purchase orders for equipment purchases, leases, and/or maintenance contracts will no longer be required
  • The University's energy consumption (carbon footprint) will also be reduced
  • Departments will quickly be able to benefit from the operational and financial savings of the program
  • Departments who have existing copier equipment near the beginning or middle of its useful life can continue to use their equipment until it needs to be replaced

Projected Savings

Annual savings through lower costs to the University community is projected to be 20% per year.

Online Portal

A Xerox Online Portal has been established.  Through this Print Portal, departments, university divisions, colleges and schools can manage their print environment by:

  • Order Supplies (see instructions)
  • Obtaining information about the Warrior Print program
  • Coordinating consultations to determine the best time to transition to the new program
  • Understanding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the program
  • Viewing new technologies (printers & MFD) that are included in the program
  • Tracking the status of service calls, supplies request and open Help Desk tickets
  • Understanding the PO Management process for streamlining how you pay for print
  • Coordinating Move, Add, Change & Delete requirements based on your own specific needs

University Contacts

If you have questions or require Procurement assistance, please contact

Vendor Contacts

To contact Xerox Corporation, please call or email

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