Customs Broker Services

How to clear goods through customs:

Preferred Method:  Prior to the issuance of a globally sourced PO, Procurement advises the department to process a second REQ to the Broker of choice for an estimate of $100, knowing the PO will be amended to cover the actual total of the invoice.

Once the PO is approved and faxed to the vendor,  Procurement sends a copy of the PO and the quote to the Broker of choice.

The buyer notifies the seller that the University has a preferred broker of choice, FedEx.  As a cost saving measure, the University has a continuous bond with FedEx.

Please note the invoice may contain a combination of the following:

  • Customs Brokerage
  • Harbor Maintenance fees
  • Merchandise Processing fees
  • Customs Duties (4.6% of value)
  • Document Turnover Fee
  • Inland freight factory to port
  • Terminal Handling & doc. prep.
  • Harbor usage fee (0.5% of ttl)
  • Government tax(0.05%of ttl)
  • Ocean Freight
  • Rail charges
  • Drayage (DTW to Detroit)


What to do when Goods have already been cleared

If the goods were ordered on a procard or a PO and have already been cleared, a WayneBuy REQ is processed for the Customs Broker.  The invoice should be attached in WayneBuy.  Once reviewed by the buyer, the REQ is approved for the PO and payment to process.

Please indicate on the REQ in the External Note, the original PO  or  order number that the goods were purchased on.

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